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Volume 59, Number 1, 2007
Page Title
001 In memoriam Professor Herbert Walther
Prof.Dr. I.V.Vlad
Full text:  Acrobat PDF (112K )
005 Elastic scattering in short-range potentials
M. Apostol
Full text:  Acrobat PDF (224K )
019 Mössbauer investigation of static-disorder crystalline media
S. Constantinescu
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Table 3:  Acrobat PDF (87K )
045 Ultraintense tabletop laser engineering
S. Martellucci, M. Francucci, P. Ciuffa
Full text:  Acrobat PDF (1016K)
087 Laser diode mode hopping noise
T. Acsente
Full text:  Acrobat PDF (164K )
093 Radiolytic oxidation of the immunogenic bovine
M. A. Acasandrei et al.
Full text:  Acrobat PDF (160K )
101 Electronic circuit for solar battery charging
A. A. Azooz, J. M. Sulayman
Full text:  Acrobat PDF (544K )
113 Micro-scale abrasive wear testing
S. Lakel, K. Almi, Y. Berriche
Full text:  Acrobat PDF (264K )
121 Seismic hazard generated by Vrancea earthquakes
D. Enescu, B. D. Enescu
Full text:  Acrobat PDF (5.8M )
147 Vrancea seismic source calibration
E. Popescu et al.
Full text:  Acrobat PDF (1.6M )
165 Local seismic effects in Transylvania sites
V. Răileanu, A. Bălă, B. Grecu
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