Romanian Reports in Physics is a journal publishing physics contributions in the fields of:
    0. Editorial Material
    1. Theoretical, Mathematical, and Computational Physics
    2. Atomic, Molecular, and Nuclear Physics
    3. Physics of Elementary Particles and Fields
    4. Optics and Photonics, Plasmas, Laser and Beam Physics
    5. Condensed and Soft Matter Physics
    6. Biophysics and Medical Physics
    7. Environmental and Earth Physics
    8. Applied and Interdisciplinary Physics
    9. Physics Education
Submission is a representation of the fact that the manuscript has not been published previously, nor currently submitted for publication elsewhere. All submissions are assessed by two independent referees.
Types of Contribution
Regular contributions include:
     a) Review or tutorial papers containing either significant results of an extensive research work or relevant developments in top domains of physics: they are normally invited by the Editors but suggestions for topics will be welcomed.
     b) Original papers: containing original and unpublished work of general interest. All manuscripts will be refereed before acceptance.

     c) Short research notes. A forum for fast publication of new and interesting results.
The recommended length for contributions is: max. 20 typed pages (6,500 words) for review papers, max. 10 typed pages (3,300 words) for original papers, and max. 5 typed pages (1,600 words) for short research notes.
The sole or principal author will receive one galley proof, to be returned as soon as possible. Corrections, other than those of setting-up errors, will be charged to the author.
Proofs and correspondence concerning papers in process of publication should be addressed to the Technical Editor:
Margareta Oancea, IFIN-HH, Atomistilor, no. 111,, P.O.Box MG-6, Bucuresti-Magurele, RO-77125, Romania; Tel.: (+4021) 4042300/3600, 4042355; Fax: (+4021) 4042311;


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