The recommended length for contributions is: max. 20 typed pages (6,500 words) for review papers, max. 10 typed pages (3,300 words) for original papers, and max. 5 typed pages (1,600 words) for short research notes. Please try to avoid including very high resolution figures (larger than 1MB) or scaled-down images (larger than the page size) because they are a source of problems for the online version PDF conversion.
The sole or principal author will receive one galley proof, to be returned as soon as possible. Corrections, other than those of setting-up errors, will be charged to the author.
The RRP document class was written for authors who cannot use but LaTeX to typeset their work. An extended manual/reference of the class as well as a sample LaTeX document may be downloaded here (source files here). If you like to update the macros in rrp_mathdefs.tex, please download the latest/improved version of the file and unzip it in your the style directory overwriting the existing file.
Proofs and correspondence concerning papers in process of publication should be addressed to the Technical Editor:
Margareta Oancea, IFIN-HH, Atomistilor, no. 111,, P.O.Box MG-6, Bucuresti-Magurele, RO-77125, Romania; Tel.: (+4021) 4042300/3600, 4042355; Fax: (+4021) 4042311;
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